The Alpine High Adventure

Gutter Cleaning – Essential Service For Your Home

August 7, 2018
Gutter Cleaning Wenatchee WA

Rain, sun, snow, and sleet are all forms of precipitation that your gutters have to deal with every year here in Wenatchee WA. Needless to say, this means that your gutters work overtime protecting your home by diverting water away from your foundation. Properly functioning gutters also help prevent soil erosion and help to keep…

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Enjoy More Summer Breezes With Window Screen Repair

June 12, 2018
Screen Repair Wenatchee WA

In many respects, window screens are one of the unsung heroes of your home. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery here in Wenatchee, WA your window screen serves a very important purpose – keep everything from the outside, well, outside allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and warm summer breezes that we love so much…

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Why Reliable Gutter Cleaning Service Is Important

May 25, 2018
Gutter Cleaning Wenatchee WA

Let’s face it; there is a reason why the Pacific Northwest carries a reputation for rainy days. When measuring total precipitation, a recent study ranked the Pacific Northwest as the wettest region in the lower 48 states with an average of 131 inches of precipitation annually! Why bring this up? To highlight the fact that,…

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House Washing – Creating Curb Appeal That Lasts

May 15, 2018
House Washing Wenatchee WA

Do you remember your first day in your home here in Wenatchee, WA? Everything was new and exciting! Perhaps, when you looked at your home from the driveway or street, your got a couple of butterflies inside. This is YOUR home, where family memories are created. Where, as they say, the heart is. Fast forward…

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What happens if it rains?

May 9, 2018
don't let rain get you down

(In the spring) one of the biggest questions we get asked is – “What happens if it rains?” If it messes up your Amazon packages thats a total bummer. If it messes up your sparkling clean windows that’s even worse! (possibly) What can we do about it? In short, “Free touch-ups”.  Depending on which service…

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Window Cleaning – This Spring, Enjoy The Scenery More

April 27, 2018
Window Cleaning improves your view

From the Columbia River to the Mission and Dragon Tail Peaks of the surrounding Cascade Mountain Range, our homes here in Wenatchee, WA are surrounded by some of the best vistas that nature has to offer.  But when your windows are dirty, the view is a lot less magnificent. Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather…

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Meet your neighbors, the Dunn’s

April 26, 2018
Our window cleaning reviews in Chelan WA

Wondering what to do this weekend? Or this summer? How  about a fun summer concert! Meet Chelan locals Arthur and Beatrice Dunn. Arthur is a musician performing in local businesses. Check our their 2018 calendar here. 

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Superman lryponite and ladders

February 20, 2018

[Above – Actual Superhero] Still thinking of being a superhero and climbing around on ladders this spring to clean your own windows and gutters? Well remember Superman and his weakness….Kryponite. While being a formidable figure even Superman had his weaknesses. Us humans aren’t bothered by green special rocks but falling off a ladder, ohh that…

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Window Cleaning Discounts 2017 Chelan Wenatchee Leavenworth

August 1, 2017
alpine high window cleaning wenatchee wa

Enjoy our special offer on various services from Alpine High Window Cleaning for the month of August 2017 Only. Choose from $25 OFF, Free Up-Grades or 20%. Call or E-Mail today!

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Quincy Sunserra August 2017 | Sizzler Deal Summer Savings Window Cleaning

July 27, 2017
summer window cleaning special

Our best deal of 2017! – August only (First 15 to Book) Book Deluxe Window Cleaning at regular price ($295),  get House Wash FREE ($250 Value)! Sunserra Homeowners August 2017 Special ! Professionally clean all… Windows In/Out Patio Railing Glass Tracks Sills and Frames. Wall and bathroom Mirrors Wash Window Screens 5 Day touch-up coverage (in…

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